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The potted Nordmann Fir Christmas tree is the perfect centrepiece for Christmas! Wondefully green in colour, with a beautifully festive aroma, its needles will stay attached throughout the festive season. Available in a range of sizes from 2ft to 5ft. 

Potted premium Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

  • Potted trees might need a little more attention than a cut Christmas tree, but pot-grown trees will last longer (years) and be more rewarding. What’s more fulfilling than a Christmas decoration that you can look after and grow yourself. It really is an investment and a way to save money if you want a real tree but don't want to pay for a new one every year.


    • Give your tree plenty to drink, (but not too much)
    • Make sure it has good drainage
    • Display it somewhere cool and keep away from fires and radiators
    • Keep decorations light and minimal 
    • Find your tree a suitable home outside after Christmas


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